Be Part of IT – Digital Inclusion Champions award

Below is the judging criteria for the Be Part of IT award: The maximum number of points on offer is 100.

How has the project supported people to be e-included? – maximum points = 35

Impacts of particular interest:

Note: Each of the above are of particular interest but your entry doesn’t have include all of them.

To what extent will this be of interest to other actors in their field of work? – maximum points = 5

How good are the multimedia / audio visual materials that have been submitted with the application (by linking to them on the internet)? – maximum points = 30

This isn’t about having a professional look and feel, but more about the materials ability to inspire and engage an audience.

Does this application have any additional wow factors? – maximum points = 15

This could include things like:

How well has multimedia materials been promoted? – maximum points = 8

Most importantly:

Please note, we don’t want an undue focus on the number of Facebook likes etc, but just a sense of the effort you have made to disseminate your entry.

See our guidance notes for ideas/tools tto help you.

To what extent has inclusion and e-accessibility been considered in the promotion of this project? – maximum points = 7

We regret we will be unable to offer feedback on the judging process or on any individual entry.

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