Vox, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning

The aim of The Basic Competence in Working Life Programme is to give adults the opportunity to acquire the basic skills they need to keep up with the demands and changes in modern working life and civil society. Funding and participation have increased every year since the programme was established in 2006. At present the number of participants in the programme exceeds 25 000. The programme concentrates on reading, writing, numeracy, and digital skills. Any enterprise in Norway, private and public, can apply for funding from the programme.

In 2012 Vox received 498 applications. With a total of 105 million NOK (14,8 mill Euro) available Vox was able to support 369 projects. Since a number of applications involved clusters of enterprises, nearly 700 enterprises will benefit from the grant.

Organisation weblinks:

A video clip from the ‘More than just driving’ project

A PDF report from the  “Basic skills training in the Norwegian Postal Service” project

Vox website

Vox’ website in English




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