United Nations Development Programme

Social Welfare Reform Project aims to provide equal access to social care and social services for all inhabitants in Montenegro. In addition to strengthening the traditional forms of the provision of social services, this project aspires to further facilitate social inclusion of every inhabitant of Montenegro through a user-friendly internet portal. This e-platform will serve to provide easy access to information on the existing social services, such as eligibility criteria, location, contact persons etc.

Furthermore, internet portal will ensure dissemination of information of good social service practices and the know-how for their replication in Montenegro. This could eventually become a one-stop-shop for the best practices, exchange of experience and guidelines for setting up new social services. Additionally, this portal will enhance transparency and accountability for monitoring of the impact of services on social needs. Through collection and compilation of data in one place, turning data into management information, e-portal could aid the process of future service planning and change management.

Organisation weblinks:

UNDP Montenegro website

UNDP Facebook page

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