The Ypsilon Institute – Simbioz@ e-literate Slovenia

In the year 2011 Simbioz@ e-literate Slovenia was the largest volunteer project in Slovenia. In five days, from 17 to 21 October 2011, young volunteers throughout Slovenia demonstrated the usage of computers and internet to the older generation at free workshops. The idea for the project came from Institute Ypsilon. The main purpose of this project was intergenerational cooperation. The focus was on giving elderly people the possibility of a positive and fun experience of using a computer and to inspire and develop their self-confidence and motivate them for future learning and use of computer and Internet. With this project we also wanted to invite young people to volunteer. Young volunteers were also responsible for encourage older people to engage in lifelong learning and thereby raise the quality of their life. In one week we have thought more than 5.700 elders with the help of more than 2.400 young volunteers on over 230 locations.

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