Techin Sp. z o.o. (Techin Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością) – eFESTO Project

The Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project titled: e-learning environment for disable learners (acronim:eFESTO) from 2009 general objective was to deliver learning services for deaf learners to aquire modern competences as required by the actual market jobs and roles. The e-learning platform created can be easily used by learners with language disabilities (as deafness) and physical disabillities. Developed distance e-learning environment is innovative and delivers new didactic distance learning activities specifically designed and structured for deaf learners. eFESTO environment allows deaf learners and workers accessing theroetical contents (about Compute Science, Mathematics, Physics and English) and practical content by using modern electrical laboratory apparatus. eFESTO project focused on LA.DI.RE and PSELDA projects which have been transferred to the environment of Polish deaf people conditions – in fact it was additional development of a new didactic methodology specified for deaf learners and workers based on interactions, video of Nationals Sign Languages and International Signs and based on dinamic subtitles. It was the adaptation of theoretical learning activities and development on new one, regarding the specific needs of deaf learners to have more chance to be introduced in the modern e-society.

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Information about valorisation of the Leonardo da Vinci project eFESTO available through the website of National Agency (Polish)

Information about eFESTO closing conference in Bulgaria (English)

Conference Program of IADIS International e-Learning 2011 (PDF)

Presentation made by consortium partners to IADIS International e-Learning conference 2011 (PDF)

Presentation about eFESTO project presented during the EDEN ON-LINE conference (PDF)

eFESTO Project on epractice Portal

eFESTO project available on the FIACES website: Federazione Italiana Associazioni e Centri Educativi per Sordi

News about eFESTO project available on the Techin website

Information regarding eFESTO project available on the CORVINNO Technology Transfer Center website

Information about the eFESTO website available via Flexilab web portal

Information about eFESTO project available on the OPEN SIGN website

Booklet- “Learning and Sustainability – the New Ecosystem of Innovation and Knowledge” (PDF)

Newsletter – eFESTO project (PDF)

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