Provincial Federation of Associations of Persons with Physical and Organic Jaén (FEJIDIF) – Puedoviajar

FEJIDIF has a social network which is a tourism web portal accessible on the web 2.0. – Puedoviajar –  in which tourists can participate with and without disabilities, government and tourism entrepreneurs. This platform provides reliable and practical advice, created first hand by people with disabilities on the facilities, places, experiences, travel etc. which users have passed and valued all kinds of issues necessary for the information of others who will plan your trip. It offers a number of tools in which  interaction is the backbone, encouraging participation of users and businesses, creating large collaborative database. FEJIDIF facilitates of inclusion of people with disabilities in navigating the internet. We have grown in this area and soon will we get to market a mobile app in which to develop an interaction of people with and without disabilities where they can discuss all kinds of experiences. This platform to stakeholders in tourism worry about accessibility and universal design. With this tool we have entered in 300,000 households by promoting knowledge and culture accessible to the various destinations visited. People with disabilities are sometimes in positions of inequality because they do not have the same opportunities to access training, culture, entertainment, internet etc. These people, depending on their budget, may acquire computer terminals adapted to their needs. FEJIDIF Center operates a Public Internet Access (ICSC), this  facility is enabled with the necessary adaptations to access people who use wheelchairs. It also has support technologies in computer equipment. This center ICSC provides a opportunity for people with fewer resources to access and also have equal opportunities in access for people with disabilities.

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Visit the Project Website





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