Les Ateliers du Bocage (AdB)

Every year, 13000 computers are refurbished in AdB’s workshops by people in a social and professional integration process. These computers are valorised through e-inclusion projects targeting different kinds of beneficiaries in France and abroad: people with low incomes, schools/colleges and their students, isolated seniors, as well as various associations and NGOs. Of course the access issue is less important than 10 years ago but every project that AdB is running shows that it’s still the first problem to solve.

To become e-included your first need is to get the appropriate equipment to use ICT. Then you can start to work on building skills and capacities.

Organisation weblinks:

Les Ateliers du Bocage 

AdB-SolidaTech (our e-inclusion program dedicated to nonprofits)

TechSoup Global (our AdB-SolidaTech partner)

The dedicated website of the e-inclusion project with Settlements and Neighbourhood centers called  “My Digital and Sustainable Social Center”

The dedicated website of our e-inclusion project with the departmental council of “Deux- Sèvres” called “5000 micros”

Some contents and case studies in English

Facebook pages : http://www.facebook.com/ateliers.du.bocagehttp://www.facebook.com/adb.solidatech

Pictures and Video clips:





Press releases:



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