Learn more about ICT network – Agency for Digitisation “Danish Senior Surf Day”

In Denmark, around 500.000 of the total population of 5, 4 millions have never used the internet. Approximately 75 % of these are age 65 or older. This is the background for the campaign Senior Surf Day. The first Senior Surf Day was held on October 7th 2011 and the next one will be on September 13th 2012.

The campaign is designed and carried out by members of the Learn more about ICT network:
- DaneAge Association
- The Danish Association of Senior Citizens
- The Centre for Libraries, Media and Digitization (Danish Agency for Culture)
- The Agency for Digitization.

Visit Learn more about ICT Network’s Website

Visit Agency for Digitisation’s Website


Official Senior Surf Day Website

Look at the Evaluation Report PDF (Danish)

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