INFREP (applicant organization for the e-Inclusion award)

Our application intends to introduce to the largest number the solution developed by a European consortium of organizations in order to better and greatly open the access to ICT to European citizens. This solution focuses on the training development of the facilitators accompanying ICT access, the « e-facilitators ». Present all over Europe, working in various environments (library, city services, associations, prisons, employment centres…), the e-facilitator is the needed intermediary who has a key role to play for “connecting” people, and especially vulnerable groups, with ICT benefits. This is why the VET4e-Inclusion project focused on a programme enabling the professional development of the e-facilitator aiming both at recognizing his / her skills and competences and enabling him / her to get an accessible and adapted training to improve his / her activity in the telecentre / public Internet space.

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