Applying to these awards we´d like to receive recognition to all efforts our company – – is being developing since 2002, when we started to boost e-inclusion projects trying to focus our R&D results on market opportunities considering citizens on risk of social exclusion in the centre of our services. Since our first EU project on e-Inclusion (Seniority) we´ve always supported Accessibility and e-Inclusion initiatives. With Seniority project (2004), we had the opportunity to use ICTs for improving quality of life by a tele-monitoring system for elderly residences; with T-Seniority (2008), our efforts were addressed to increase independent living at home through TV devices (the most popular channel for elder people). After this, with DIEGO Project, Digital Inclusive e-Government (2010), we improve the access of e-Government services to people in risk of digital exclusion (elders, people with disabilities, immigration, unemployed). Currently, our efforts are focus on improving awareness systems in order to communicate to all citizens the initiatives of public governments on digital literacy, inclusive e-government and public sector information (PSI) in order to increase the ROI of public investments, We have never been awarded by the e-Inclusion Awards initiative.

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DIEGO was finalist in the Design for All Awards


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