Huesca Town Hall

The major reasons that prevent the access of adult people to Internet are mainly ICT knowledge and motivation barriers. Our project outlines a model of digital inclusion itinerary with training activities, follow-up and accompanying measures, designed for the most vulnerable groups. The actions begin generating confidence to the people and finish trying to get the European Computer Driving Licence.

Organisation weblinks:

Plan estratégico de Inclusión Digital . The Project document 

Quarterly programming activities

Facebook Page


Wndnesday ITC. Digital Resources on ITC

Photographs of activities

Video clip Mayores en red. Ederly network workshop

Video clip Mayores en red II. Ederly network workshop

Video clips competition (International Day Internet) What is Internet for your life

International Day Internet activities (May 2011)

Comunication on I International Congress of Communication and Education (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, May 2011)

Communication on Maneras de leer Congress (Ministerio de Educación, Madrid, septembre 2011)






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