greenlight for girls

The greenlight for girls (“g4g”) foundation is a Brussels-based, international non-profit organization (asbl) founded in November 2011 whose mission is “to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to girls of all ages and backgrounds, around the world.”

To achieve our mission, we carry out free events across Europe and worldwide targeting especially young, school-age girls (11-15yo) with fun, hands-on workshops on science and technology led by volunteer, female role model professionals from STEM sectors.  A key focus of our activities is on improving digital literacy among girls and encouraging them to become more actively involved in designing and building our shared digital future.

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Youtube Channel

Video- Watch the first g4g event 

Video- Watch “Geeks Welcome!” The Greenlight@Brussels Day 2011

Video- Watch “Science Through Our Eyes” greenlight Project

Look at “We are your Robots” – ASIMO Visit to greenlight

Look at “Greenlight on Film” – ASML Girls Day 2011

Check out greenlight’s Eventbrite page

Read an Interview with EU Commissioner Andor in European Parliament Magazine “eSkills Supplement” which mentions greenlight for girls as an “excellent initiative” for girls and IC

Read an Interview with Cheryl Miller – g4g/EU Director & Technology Chair about getting girls into ICT 

Read an Article by Dorte Toft, Danish author of “Happy in Nerdland – Who’ll build the future,”  - preview of Greenlight@Odense Day 2012

Read an Article by Cheryl Miller –  g4g/EU Director & Technology Chair about International “Girls in ICT” Day Op/Ed – piece on “Europe Needs More Women in Science” for major EU policy newspaper, European Voice

Read a Blogpost by EC Vice President for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes Blogpost on “Women & Technology”  who mentions Cheryl Miller, g4g/EU Director & Technology Chair

Read an Article about International Women’s Day - “Pushing Girl Power”  which quotes Cheryl Miller, g4g/EU Director & Technology Chair

Read an Article about Get Online Week 2012  which mentions Cheryl Miller, g4g/EU Director & Technology Chair, and g4g activity promoting ICT to girls. 

Look at the “Girls in ICT” Day Tweetup activities

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