Fundación Cibervoluntarios – Cybervolunteers

The cybervolunteers are people passionate about ICTs and the power they have to promote citizen empowerment and inclusion through social innovation. They help excluded people to improve their opportunities and skills in order to eliminate social gaps and empower them to be active citizens fully integrated in society.

Visit the Website



Youtube Channel



Read the Case Study in e-Practice Community

Read the Profile at the European Volunteer Centre Website

Read the Profile at the Social Innovation Europe Website

Video- Watch a Cybervolunteer demonstration with user group of people with Down Syndrome

Video- Watch Cybervolunteer talk about their work

Video- Watch Cybervolunteers teach Adult Immigrants from Ecuador 

Video- Watch Cybervolunteers teach Older Citizens how to use Mobile Phones 

Video- Watch Workshop about Staying Safe Online for Young People 

Video- Watch Spanish Public New Programme about Online Safety Workshop

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