Electro technical high School “Rade Koncar”

This project consists of three subsystems:

  1. Intranet – a network around 120 computers located in two school buildings with access to the Internet and intranet
  2. The database contains almost all elements of the pedagogical and statistical records and
  3. Distance learning – the school server is set up over 400 e-lessons.

All three subsystems are functioning. For example, in both building is possible enter data and use reports from database, email, elearning system, use printers and Internet .

With gratitude for the financial support for the project titled “Intranet and database of  school  “Rade Koncar”” European Agency for Reconstruction, the European Innovation Fund and the Ministry of Education and Sports Republic of Serbia,  High School of Electrical Engineering Rade Koncar from Belgrade made significant achievements in innovation in teaching and school administration – Supporting education, increase computer literacy – Improving our skills and improve communication with the environment – Being more involved in our community.

Youtube – School Director Momcilo Stojanovic

Youtube – Watch more about the project & teaching materials

Youtube – Watch video about results of work 

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