E-Lab Vlaanderen

E-Lab School is part of vocational education that prepares young people in 1 year for a job in  ICT. An intensive training in a cool LAB and educational courses get these students widely trained in hardware – and software. If they succeed, the laureates get a certificate and will be continuously guided towards a job. Currently, E-Lab School has two locations in Flanders, in which annual about 50 young students are getting trained. The objective for these youngsters is to encourage them for further studies or to conquer a proud place in the labor market. Our students are the “hands and feet” of the highly skilled ICT professionals to give hand to the pressing shortage of staff in this sector. 45% of our students continue studying – where the Flemish student average only is 3 to 5%! The other half is employed within six months. Only 5% of our graduates are struggling with unemployment. A success, by which we can say that the best thing about E-Lab School is to make motivated students out of discouraged students.(The best thing about E-lab school is that we can transform discouraged students into motivated students) ICT and new media are the instrument to get these young people back on a constructive track to become an enrichment for our society again.

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