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The Replay project seeks to leverage the popularity and immersiveness of video gaming to create a tool that helps experts understand and address anti-social behaviour. We have created a 3D environment, and have developed an interactive play ‘board’ that enables the player to travel at speed through a futuristic world, against the clock. Interspersed with the ‘play elements’ are a series of embedded activities that have been developed within a sound pedagogical framework and that focus on the values and decision making of the player. Every activity has to completed before the player can continue.

Having completed this highly playable game, and all embedded activities, the application moves into Replay mode. This allows the expert sitting alongside the player to discuss the specific responses the player gave to each activity and creates the opportunity for an open and honest dialogue about values and behaviours.

Organisation weblinks:

Project website

Official Replay Youtube Channel

Main video presentation of Replay Project

This is the project Factsheet

Published case of Replay Project in

Publications, news and public deliverables generated in the project

Presentation of the main ASB related activities included in the project

Commercial brochure of Replay


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