Winner: Cibernàrium, Barcelona Activa

Category: ‘Be part of IT’ – large organisations

Cibernàrium is the IT skills acquisition programme of Barcelona Activa, the local development agency of the City of Barcelona. Cibernàrium offers free digital training for internet beginners at two Cibernàrium centres and 11 satellite centres located in public libraries. Cibernàrium provides a wide range of practical internet-related training activities that helped 75,219 participants in 2011 to develop their IT skills, promoting their e-inclusion and employability. Click here to see the video.

Cibernàrium - Barcelona Activa

Cibernàrium – Barcelona Activa

The digital literacy programming of Cibernàrium includes 45 training activities characterized by their short length (between 1 and 2 hours), practical and innovative contents and flexible timetables. The courses are offered on an ‘a la carte’ basis to give users the maximum flexibility in order to create a course that suits them. Courses are updated quarterly.

The Cibernàrium programme has now moved beyond digital literacy and has opened a second centre specialising in providing advanced and theme & sector-oriented IT training for professionals and companies to improve their competitiveness (Cibernàrium at Mediatic currently provides 146 training activities and had 23,315 users in 2011).

Click here to go to the website.

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