Runner up: Grandparents-Grandchild Competition of Informatics, Inforum

Category: ‘Be part of IT’ – small organisations

This internet competition for grandparents and grandchildren demonstrates how children can play an important role in motivating their grandparents to use computers and the internet.

The competition raises awareness of all family members and the community as a whole towards including older people in the information society.


Grandparents-Grandchild Competition of Informatics

The project responds to the challenge of ageing societies all over Europe. The majority of people aged over 50 years do not have the IT skills essential for everyday life. Their families and the whole society must help support them in improving their IT skills in order to reduce their isolation. With better skills, this generation will have more chances on the labour market, will be able to learn through their life and improve their well-being.

Inforum (Forum of Hungarian IT Organisations for Information Society) has been running this awareness raising program since 2003. The competition has been receiving repeatedly good media coverage, which has also helped raise awareness of the e-Inclusion issue with policy makers and private companies. A large number of companies support the competition by providing gifts for winners.

The competition is very popular, with a number of applicants rising every year, and has been well accepted by seniors. Since the completion started in 2003, the number of internet users over 60 has increased from 20,000 to 300,000 today.

Inforum has been actively fostering an understanding of the information society in Hungary since 1997 and considers its mission to achieve the wide usage of social IT, and to improve the quality of life of the Hungarian society with the aid of IT.

Click here to visit the competition website


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