Runner up: Angela Gallagher, Age Action

Category: ‘I am part of IT’ – big organisations

Angela Gallagher

Angela Gallagher

“As an older person living alone I find being able to use the internet has changed my life. In the last two years I have learned how to write a Blog and use Facebook and Twitter. I am now connected with so many people around the world, I no longer feel isolated.”

Angela believes that the social media revolution is perhaps more relevant for older generations than to any other. Living in a rural community, with limited opportunities for interaction, her life has been transformed by becoming e-inclusive.

Through self-learning and perseverance, and with the online technical support of her son, she is now part of an international e-community. Through use of social networks, such as Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Groups, she has formed new friendships and renewed friendships with friends from decades ago.

The Silver Voice Facebook page

A high point in her ‘e-career’ was the nomination for, and subsequent winning of, the Social Networking category in the 2011 Silver Surfer awards run by Google and Age Action, the national charity for older people. She has an established and well-read Blog (over 60 blog posts on in the past 14 months that have been read by over 16,000 people) and has recently ventured into the exciting world of Twitter.

In the past 12 months, Angela has met face-to-face with individuals from USA, Australia and many parts of Ireland who she had not previously known – new friends from across the globe.

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