2012 runners up

The 2012 European e-Inclusion Awards aim to discover and celebrate organisations and individuals across Europe who champion new technology and harness the potential of the internet as a means of improving prospects, increasing employability and meeting today’s complex social and economic challenges.

Below is a list of the 2012 runners up for each category.

I am Part of IT (Small Organisations)

World Smart College

World Smart College

Rosanna Nazir and Nila Sari – World Smart College – The Netherlands

Women & youth employability and ICT as a personal empowerment tool as well as for wider social innovation and community impact.

Great partnership model with some leading companies

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Joy Matthews

Joy Matthews

Joy Matthews – Wales, UK

Joy Matthews entry shows how she is using ICT to make real changes. It gave her voice she wouldn’t have otherwise. She empowered herself and her community.

“E-inclusion training has led to so many different ways I can get involved with my local community and lobby on issues I am passionate about”

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I am Part of IT (Large Organisations)

Angela Gallagher

Angela Gallagher

Angela Gallagher – Ireland (Age Action)

“The online world is a godsend to those of us who find ourselves living alone. I hope to spread that message to as many of my peers as possible who do not have access to technology, yet who have an extraordinary knowledge of e.g. social history”.

Angela has written over 60 blog posts on WordPress in the past 14 months that have been read by over 16,000 people.

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Marek Sikora with Mr Seymour

Marek Sikora, Eye-T.cz, ECDL

Marek Sikora – Czech Republic

the first visually impaired ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) tester in the Czech Republic. Marek set up a not-for-profit organisation Eye-T.cz to make ICT skills tests accessible to visually impaired people in the Czech Republic.

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Be Part of IT (Small Organisations)

Knowledge Based Economy Project (KEP)

Knowledge Based Economy Project (KEP)

Knowledge Economy Project (KEP) – Romania

An ICT-driven eco-system with the potential to improve the socio-economic situation of 1.8 million people in Romania. It aims to reduce the IT skills gap between urban and rural areas through eLearning programmes and training.

Benefits everyone from housewives to entrepreneurs. Boosts skills and employability and transforms public services like healthcare and education to be fit for purpose.

Click here to read more about the Knowledge Economy Project…




Inforum – Hungary

Intergenerational ICT competition. Shows why kids and grandparents can win working together. Readily replicable and simply impactful.

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Be Part of IT (Large Organisations)

UK Online

UK Online

UK Online Centres

A large scale, comprehensive digital initiative which helps communities tackle social and digital exclusion. There is a network of 3,800 community based centres across the United Kingdom, all working to help more people make the most of online life.

Click here to read more about UK Online centres…


Finalists Showcase

We have produced a brochure containing information and stories from all the 2012 e-Inclusion Awards finalists. You can download the Finalists Showcase Brochure here.

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